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Garden Tiny Cabin


  • 261 SF
  • 201 SF Deck
  • 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath
  • Width 30′, Height 12′, Depth 17′

The garden cabin is designed to maximize views, and the large front deck supports an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Raising the cabin on a pier foundation eliminates the need for a concrete slab and allows the landscape to flow underneath making this design ideal for sloped and uneven sites. The cabin can be adapted to modular prefab construction, which provides for easy delivery to remote locations.

The deck canopy shades the cabin in the summer while allowing for the sun to heat the cabin in the winter making this cabin a passive solar design when properly oriented on site. Passive solar designs can help to reduce energy demand on a building by controlling sun exposure. Contact an engineer or home energy consultant in your area to verify suitability. The large deck and sliding glass doors expand the interior living space to help expand the modest interior layout. The bathroom and shower area are isolated from the main cabin to provide an additional buffer from the living area. The open hallway provides additional space for storage and a natural breezeway for cooling summer winds.

The plan is net zero capable and has been modeled in IECC climate zone 7. As a rough guideline the specifications below achieve net zero for Anchorage, AK. Site specific energy calculations are available.

Orientation – Deck facing South

Location Scenario – Anchorage, AK (IECC climate zone 7)

Windows – Triple Low E

Walls – R38

Roof – R38

HVAC – high efficiency heat pump

PV – 90% roof surface coverage



What’s included in the plans PDF set

Floor Plan(s): Dimensioned floor plan drawn to scale showing wall layouts, window, and door locations. A roof plan is included if necessary showing roof slope and drainage locations.

Building Elevations: Dimensioned projection views of all exterior sides of the building drawn to scale showing exterior materials, roof slopes, window/door sizes, and window and door locations.

Building Sections: A vertical cut through the long and short sides of the building showing construction, calling out materials, and relevant heights.

All drawings are on 11×17 sheets for easy printing from standard printers.


It is the sole responsibility of the house plan buyer to make sure the plans fulfill any structural, planning, zoning, or any other building requirements for their region. These plans are not stamped by an architect or engineer. The plans are a design guideline to be modified by the buyer and or their builder/contractor to fulfill any local building codes. Any material or framing callout in the drawings are only guidelines and carry no promise of structural compliance for any region. Department of Cozy is not responsible for any structural problems, construction defects, or any and all construction liabilities.